The shirt has been developed in various ways, for example, as a formal dress at court, as functional work clothes for daily life, and as a best dress for a special day. Over several thousand years of human history, the shirt has been changing its form with time and place. Providing a breath of fresh air into today's world, COMMUNE has been making not only shirts for a special occasion but also those for everyday life.

Eat. Move. Work. Lead a life. Live. A shirt is a part of our repeated daily life. We sincere hope our shirts are something comfortable for all people, including those who are involved with COMMUNE's shirt making: from spinners to weavers, designers, cutters, sewers, and store staff.

COMMUNE's shirts are made meticulously with great care.


営業時間 11:00-19:00
定休日 水・木曜日

1-11-9 Hommachi, Hikone Shiga
OPEN 11:00-19:00
CLOSE Wednesday & Thursday

TEL&FAX 0749-26-2027

JR琵琶湖線 彦根駅 西出口 徒歩18分
名神彦根IC 車8分